Pool aquatic swim training platform, island, tot dock for tots, toddlers.



1. Determine the purpose of the platform
- teaching? ... then,key factors include numer of kids, portability, water depth
- recreation? .... then, a larger platform is better that will sty in the water for longer periods

2. Do you plan to take out of the water on a regular basis (daily, weekly)?
- smaller units are easier to remove from pool, drain and move around
- larger platforms are more or less semi-permanent

3. How many kids at same time on the platform?
- rule of thumb is 1 child per 2 squares
- adults generally stand on the floor of the pool

4. Depth of the water?
- above, below or near the water level?
- our units are made with fixed size tubes so mini adjustments are not possible

5. Future modifications?
- all our systems are "modular"
- you can re-design to meet your specific needs (within safety limitations)
- additional components are easy to purchase

6. Distance from pool edges?
- you can place the platform right against the edge of the pool
- have at least 3 feet between the pool and the platform in case child falls off platform
- BUT ... do not leave small gaps between the platform and the pool edge - hazardous

7. Adults?
- these structures are designed for young children
- the main structure is very strong, but the panels are designed to hold kids up to 110 lbs
- we are working on some type of reinforced panel to hold the weight of adults

8. Sloping pool bottom?
- we cannot design structures to accommodate a sloping pool bottom
- see instructions regarding SLOPE


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