Phunzone and Quadro offer hundreds of different models to meet different needs and budgets.

However, for anyone in the world who seeks something different, there are two options:

Create your own design   Custom designed*

3-D Program
  Includes easy to follow detailed level-by-level assembly instructions and complete parts list.
Customer is required to:
1. Identify Commercial or Residential need
Exceptions: 2. Identify Phunzone model that comes closest
1. 3-D program does not work on Macs 3. Provide specific structure dimensions
2. Help files do not work with Vista 4. Provide a sketch as necessary
    5. Provide details of requested modificatons.

1. Custom designs are created based on USA play structure safety standards
2. All designs are created using standard Quadro components

3. If there is a distributor in your country/region, you can purchase the parts directly from them

4. It may be necessary to purchase "special" parts from Phunzone - if dealers do not have available
5. There is a minimum deposit fee before we start any work
6. Fee will depend on project size & complexity as well as the amount of detail provided by the customer
7. Includes "PoolDocks" structures