Pediatric rehabilitation, therapy, training, and play equipment for small children, kids, tots, toddlers

Rehab & Physical Therapy Equipment
For Children 2-5 years


Create your own designs to meet your specific situation. Often there is a need for a simple solution to a specific therapy or rehab equipment challenge, but the price of equipment is astronomical. The QUADRO modular components contruction system allows you to create a design that may just meet those needs.

Many Options: If the models we currently offer do not meet your needs, you can order one of our Construction Kits and build from the parts your receive, or can download the PC based 3-D CAD program to create your own custom design. If you need more individual parts you can order themm a la carte.

As we are not trained or licensed to advise on therapy or rehabilitation equipment or techniques, we cannot comment on your specific need or design. The models that we currently offer are based on designs that were created and ordered by therapy and rehabilitation specialists for general rehab applications. In good faith, we cannot assume any liability for any equipment that has been designed or assembled by the end user or their associates.

  • Designs we offer are based on recommendations from pediatric medical therapists
  • Avoid the high cost of equipment charged by medical suppliers
  • Recommeded only for indoor use
  • Components are made of extremely durable thermoplastic materials that are UV treated and non-toxic.
  • No sharp or dangerous corners or edges.
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Build your own design from the parts in our "Construction Kits"
  • Download the 3D design program from our website and create your own design
  • Order extra parts a la carte as needed
  • Recommended weight of users under 110 lbs (50 Kg)
  • Adult supervision recommended during construction and use
  • Worldwide shipments since1979
Official Quadro Distributor Since 1999 - USA & Canada
#850001 - Horizontal Ladder #850121 - Teeter Balance
$96.99 $309.99
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#850232 - Maze Walk Trainer #850241 - STEP TRAINER #850243 - Crosswalk
$567.99 $597.99 $772.99
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